Vacant Building & Land Insurance

Vacant office building with bright lights.

Are you an investor or building owner with a vacant commercial property? or Vacant Land? Many commercial properties are left empty during a new purchase or renovations or between tenants. Unfortunately, most mainstream insurance carriers decline to provide insurance on unoccupied property or they just fail to provide coverage most banks require.

At Insurance Incorporated we’ve provided insurance for vacant commercial, industrial, and residential property owners since 1958. From warehouses to shopping centers, office buildings to vacant land,  we can help you find the affordable options you’ve been looking for. Our commercial agents specialize in vacant building insurance and walk you through coverage options and risks most property owners overlook.

4 Reasons why you need vacant property insurance:

        • Unoccupied buildings attract thieves who are looking to steal copper inside walls and expensive fixtures they can sell.
        • Many empty buildings lack security guards and systems, they often end up with broken windows and graffiti along walls.
        • Aged and broken water pipes can lead to very costly claims. Most water leaks go unnoticed for days and even weeks, depending on how much time goes by between visits.
        • Many vacant buildings are left with disconnected fire alarm systems causing a delayed response from the fire department in the event of a fire.

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