Manufacturers Insurance

Do you own or manage a manufacturing company? Are you looking for competitive and comprehensive coverage without the hassle of shopping for it? Let us do the legwork! Insurance Incorporated is here to help you get all the insurance products you’ll need to protect your business and employees. With nearly 60 years of experience (since 1958), Insurance Incorporated has served manufacturers with specifically tailored policies that meet their needs. Our agents will gather and compare quotes from more than 25 “A-Rated” carriers specializing in manufacturing insurance. As a result, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the superior coverage for the lowest possible price.

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We Insure All Types of Manufacturers

Here are just a few examples of the different manufacturers we insure:

-Food Products
-And many others!

Insurance Specific to the Manufacturing Industry

These are coverages we recommend as part of your manufacturer insurance package:

-General Liability: Manufacturing is dangerous. Every individual interacting with your premises, products, and operations are exposed to risks of bodily injury and property damage. General Liability shields your business against those claims.

-Product Liability: If a covered product causes injury or damage, this type of coverage will provide protection from the legal liability you may be subjected to.

-Product Recall: This coverage mitigates the cost of getting a defective product, one that might cause injury or damage, back under your control.

-Equipment Breakdown: If a loss is incurred from a mechanical or electrical breakdown of equipment, this insurance will contribute to the cost of repairing and/or replacing that equipment along with other property damaged by the breakdown.

-Building: This coverage covers damage to your building in the event of fire, vandalism, and lighting.

-Crime: A broad form of coverage that provides protections against crimes such as employee dishonesty, various forms of fraud, money and securities crime, etc.

-Cargo/Transportation: Insurance for business property transported over land.

-Business Income: Covers lost income when damage to business premises, equipment, etc. causes a delay or suspension of operations. It also covers lost income during the time needed to renew normal business operations.

-Pollution: A form of liability insurance that covers the costs of pollution clean up and pollution induced injuries.

 -Commercial Auto: Covers the companies vehicles used in the day to day operations of the company and it’s operations.

-Workers Compensation:  Workers Comp reimburses wages and provides medical benefits to employees injured in the line of work.

-UmbrellaUmbrella coverage protects your assets against claims – acting as an additional layer of coverage. Without Umbrella, you could be forced to reimburse lost income, medical bills, and attorney fees if your primary limits are exceeded.

Many manufacturers have numerous employees, warehouses, and machinery. It’s important you speak in detail with an agent who can help you understand the types of coverage you need. In addition to insurance coverage, we offer all our clients a business portal that provides your company with return to work programs, safety manuals, safety checklists, safety meeting material, labor law information and OSHA requirements – all OSHA certified and branded with your company logo. We work not only to insure you but to prevent future claims from happening.

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