California Janitorial and Cleaning Service Bonds

Insurance Incorporated provides bonds for both cleaning and janitorial service companies across California. You’ll have access to your own personal agent who can guide you through the different bond options available.

Janitorial bonds are often required before cleaning services can be performed on most projects. They provide your clients with peace of mind and show your responsibility toward a theft your employees could perform on their property. Janitorial bonds do NOT cover property damage.

Insurance Incorporated also provides options on general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto for janitorial and cleaning services.

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4 Reasons Why Your Cleaning and Janitorial Company Should Be Bonded

-It can reimburse a client who is a victim of theft. Although your company may background check and vet employees thoroughly, a few problem employees could fall through the cracks.

-Janitorial bonds can provide a defense in court, even if you’re not at fault!

-Cleaning bonds help you attract large clients. The majority of large accounts won’t even consider contractors that are not bonded.

-Bonds are fairly inexpensive. The amount of new contracts a bond will allow you to bid on vastly outweighs the cost of the bond.