HVAC Insurance – Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Coverage

2 men fixing air conditioner Do you own or manage an HVAC company? If so, you’re required to carry specific types of insurance coverage. You’ll also need insurance with the appropriate wording to meet the standard insurance requirements your clients have. HVAC companies have many risks, most of them unique and specific. We have commercial HVAC insurance agents who specialize in these types of policies!

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What Does HVAC Business Insurance Cost?

The cost of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning insurance is based off many factors including: the types of clients you service, gross annual sales, total number of employees, amount of business property that needs coverage, and the types of policies you request. We’re able to provide you with the options shown below and many more -all with wording and coverage specific to HVAC contractors.

HVAC Insurance Options

General Liability Insurance is one of the most popular and basic types of insurance coverage an HVAC company has. It provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage your company may cause (even by accident). If an employee is replacing a water heater and installs it incorrectly causing thousands in water damage your company would be liable.

Most HVAC companies have a fleet of trucks equipped to handle a long day servicing clients on the road. Any vehicle being used for business (commercial truck OR car) should be insured under a Commercial Auto Insurance policy. Most insurance companies will deny claims from accidents that occurred while driving the vehicle for business purposes.

Does your company have employees? California requires all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies with one or more employees to carry a Workers Compensation Insurance policy. It can provide coverage for medical payments or loss of income to employees who are injured on the job. HVAC employees drive long distances, climb ladders, and use heavy equipment. The likelihood of an HVAC employee getting injured on the job is much higher compared to an employee working in the office or at a desk.

We also provide contractors tools & equipment, Employment Practices Liability, building coverage, umbrella insurance, and many other types of coverage options. Call our office and speak with an agent who can help you with your HVAC insurance needs! 877-428-8778