Hotel & Motel Insurance – Property, Liability, & Workers Compensation

Do you manage or own a Hotel or Motel? If so you’ll need a policy specific to your building and employees. We provide custom policies tailored to the hotel, motel, and hospitality industry. Our agents can help you with multiple rates on your different insurance policies from liability to workers compensation. Call 877-428-8778 for a free no obligation quote on your hotel insurance!

Modern Hotel Development

We can provide your hotel with coverage options custom to your companies needs. Coverage may include:

-General Liability
-Business Personal Property
-Workers Compensation
-EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)
-Boiler & Machinery
-Commercial Auto
-Liquor Liability
-Abuse & Molestation Coverage
-Cyber Liability
-Crime Coverage

-And much more!

Motels & Hotels Are Targets for Lawsuits – You’ll Need Adequate Protection

General Liability Insurance can provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage your company may cause to someone else. Hotels should have excellent housekeeping to prevent slips, trips, and falls. If a guest slips and falls due to an employee that failed to erect a “wet floor” sign your company could be liable for medical payments and the pain & suffering a guest could have dealt with.

Hotels have multiple employees, some have sued in the past for things like wrongful termination, discrimination, and wage law violations. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) can provide your motel with the coverage it needs to deal with lawsuits such as these.

Commercial Auto Insurance is a necessity for any hotel that uses vehicles in the course of business. May hotels will pick-up and deliver guests through congested areas and drive in inclement weather. Automobiles used in the hospitality industry should have coverage limits no less than $1,000,000 in combined single limits.

Whether your hotel holds 15 units or 100, mechanical and electrical equipment are often used to keep the motel operating. Equipment breakdown can provide coverage for transformers, electrical panels, and heating boilers that are damaged by mechanical or electrical breakdown. Most policies can include equipment breakdown at a minimal expense.

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