Insurance for California HOA’s (Homeowners Associations)

As the number of homeowner associations increases, it is crucial that their property managers purchase the appropriate types and quantity of insurance. Sound daunting? Insurance Incorporated can help! Our HOA insurance brokers work directly with insurance companies specializing in HOA coverages. Our dedicated staff has insured home and condominium associations across California since 1958; providing everything from liability, property, directors & officers, to umbrella liability.

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5 Types of Coverage Your Association Needs

1. Injury’s, accidents, and mistakes happen on association property every day. Liability coverage can pay for damage or injuries your HOA may be liable for. It also provides your association with legal defense!

2. Water-related claims are very common with California HOAs, especially those older than 10 years. Building Property Coverage can reimburse you for damage caused by broken pipes and water leaks.

3. Costly office and maintenance equipment are often destroyed during fires. Business personal property coverage can provide the funds needed to buy computers, desks, furniture, and equipment needed to recover after a major loss.

4. HOAs are regularly sued both by legitimate claimants and those who are looking to take advantage of an opportunity. Umbrella and Excess Liability coverage give you additional protection by providing additional amounts of liability that follow your underlying policies coverage. 

5. HOA’s assets and the personal assets of its directors and officers are at risk with every decision you make, every day.  Board members may be vulnerable for allegations of misrepresentation and other breaches of fiduciary duties and can be held personally liable. Directors & Officers Insurance provides coverage for these oversights and protect the Association and the directors and officers of the board as individuals. 

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