EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)

5 employees from different industriesProtect your business against employee lawsuits. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can provide coverage to you as the employer against lawsuits that arise from employees who claim they’ve been discriminated against (by gender, age, disability, race, etc.), harassed (verbally or physically), improperly paid, wrongfully discharged, and other employment related claims such as employer retaliation (including demotion, termination, and discipline).

At Insurance Incorporated we’ve insured businesses like yours with since 1958. We have access to multiple A Rated carriers who have a great reputation with paying claims and providing guidance to employers who need it. We also provide our clients with an in house Client Portal free of charge. It allows you to access important documents such as industry related labor laws, proper employment termination, sexual harassment prevention, safety checklists, and other documents you could pay more than $1,200 for elsewhere.

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What Does Employment Practices Liability Insurance Cost?

Most EPLI insurance carriers look at a few main business factors when quoting EPLI coverage. These factors may include; number of employees, any prior EPLI claims made against the company, employee turnover percentage, amount of coverage (with or without a wage and hour endorsement), circumstance or situation which may result in a future EPLI claim, etc. At Insurance Incorporated we have direct access to the most reputable EPLI Insurance Carriers, this allows us to provide you with multiple options based on the type of coverage you need and the budget you have for insurance.

Help Preventing EPLI Claims

Business owners can implement various procedures to minimize to employee related claims. Procedures such as:

-Fair & Unbiased Employment Applications
-Detailed Job Descriptions
-Sexual Harassment Prevention Meetings
-Detailed Job Performance Expectations
-Develop a Code & Ethics Policy
-Distribute Employee Handbooks
-Ongoing Training for Employees, Supervisors, & Managers

Most if not all of this documentation can be provided to you from your agent at Insurance Incorporated. A custom business client portal is one of many benefits you’ll have as one of our clients. We pride ourselves in not only providing affordable insurance coverage but also in helping clients prevent claims through procedures, documentation, meetings, and periodic audits.

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