Insurance for Nonprofit organizations

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Nonprofit organizations (NPO’s), also known as non-profit institutions are dedicated to the furthering of a social causes or support of a shared point of view. Insurance for nonprofit entities vary based upon the needs and exposures each organization has. We’ve provided insurance to nonprofit entities since 1958 through programs specifically tailored to cover your exposures.

Types of nonprofit organization we insure:

-501(c)(4-29) Organizations
-Social and Recreational Clubs
-Business Leagues
-Chambers of Commerce
-Real Estate Boards
-Welfare Organizations
-Local Associations

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Coverage Based on Your Exposure

When it comes to nonprofit insurance one size does NOT fit all. It’s important you speak with an agent that can help identify coverage options you’ll need to insure the organization, volunteers, directors & officers, and those who may have a risk of bodily injury and or property damage. Insurance options may include coverage for:

-General Liability
-Business Personal Property
-Building Property
-Directors & Officers
-Workers Compensation
-Abuse & Molestation
-Professional Liability
-Commercial Auto
-Umbrella Liability

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