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Insuring Commercial Property Involves More Than Just Your Building

Every business throughout California is different. For over 50 years, we at Insurance Incorporated have been proud to partner with companies around our surrounding local communities to provide them with business insurance solutions and commercial property coverage that keeps them protected. If you are looking to protect your company’s property, then look no further. You’ve come to the right place, as Insurance Incorporated is here for all your insurance needs.

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Property Coverage as Unique as Your Company

Every growing business owns valuable property. Whether it’s the computers and technology you rely on to do business or the office and premises where you run your company, you have needs that need to be protected. Even vacant buildings require protection.
You want to be protected if:

  • An earthquake occurs
  • Your property is vandalized
  • A fire starts
  • Your building is impacted by flooding

At Insurance Incorporated, our agents understand your needs and will work with you to find the right policy and get a plan for protection.

Protecting your property should not be a hassle. Insurance Incorporated understands that, and we have the ability to search numerous polices from top-rated carriers nationwide and some of the strongest markets available, until we find the commercial property coverage that is as unique as your business. After all, when it comes to protecting your property, you need a plan that fits your budget and meets your goals – and we are here to do just that.

Partnering with You to Understand Your Business Needs

The independent brokers and agents at Insurance Incorporated are here for all your insurance needs. Whether you need to protect your business’ liability, vehicles, and employees, or you need help understanding your coverage needs and managing your risks, we have you covered. Our partnership with you is one based on customer service, putting your needs first and foremost when it comes to getting your company protected.

Want more information on how your business can get commercial property coverage from Insurance Incorporated? Give our agents a call at 877-428-8778, fill out the free online quote form, or stop by one of our offices, and we’ll be happy to serve you.