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At Insurance Incorporated, we treat bonds as what they are: guarantees. If you’re a business or contractor, we can help bond your project to ensure that it’s completed, no matter what situations may arise.

We specialize in many types of bonds and surety products, including bid bonds, performance & payment bonds, license, labor & material bonds, fidelity bonds, janitorial service bonds, and lost title bonds. For all your surety and bonding needs think Insurance Incorporated.

Insurance Incorporated has been servicing contractors and businesses with bonds for over 50 years, and we offer coverage from some of the leading carriers who can provide quick turnaround time on bonds for projects under $250,000. (Larger jobs over $250,000 will take a few more days.) We can even handle contractors and businesses with problem credit! We’ll help determine your specific needs and budget to help you as best we can quickly, and at the rate you deserve. Bond rates vary based on your experience and credit carrier to carrier. We are able to search numerous surety companies to find the best rates available.

Our goal is to help you establish a bond account that will give you a consistent rate throughout the year and the ability to increase bonding capacity. Contractors with preferred credit can achieve rates under 1%!

Contact us today to find out how our bonding services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and you’ll experience for yourself our expertise in bonds, competitive rates, and friendly staff.

We look forward to helping you!