Concrete Pumpers Insurance -Auto, Liability, Property, & Workers Compensation

Concrete pumpers across California have relied on Insurance Incorporated to help them with their insurance needs since 1958. We provide everything from general liability to coverage on the concrete pumps themselves in the event they are stolen or in an accident. We have access to over 25 concrete pump insurance companies that will compete for your business!

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Types of Insurance Most Concrete Pumpers Need:

Concrete pumps cost thousands of dollars to replace if damaged or stolen. Pumps that are not self propelled (trailer pumps) should be insured under an inland marine policy. It can cover theft or damage that could happen to your pump during it’s lifetime.

If your pump is self propelled, you’ll need a commercial auto policy with an endorsement to cover the cost of custom equipment you add. Many contractors use their personal trucks to pull trailer pumps, most personal insurance companies will not pay for damage from an accident if they know you were using your truck for business during the accident. When a vehicle is being used for business a commercial auto policy should be in force to cover the extra liability exposure

Every concrete pumping business needs general liability insurance. Aside from the fact that most contractors ask for your certificate of liability insurance before you can start a job, you’ll need insurance to cover damage your business could cause.  Pump hoses are under extreme pressure which could cause thousands in damage to someone or their property.

Business personal property coverage can cover expensive hoses, tools, and equipment you use on a daily basis. A stolen hose could easily cost 10-15,000 dollars. The cost to add personal property coverage to your policy is minimal and should always be considered when shopping insurance.

Any concrete pumping company with 1 or more employees is required by California law to carry workers compensation insurance. Employees are constantly hurt on job sites working around heavy equipment, high pressure hoses, and tall boom pumps. Workers compensation for concrete pumpers can replace lost income, reimburse medical bills, and provide assistance for pain and suffering an employee goes through.

Above are just a few options among many we can provide your California concrete pumping company.

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