Commercial Earthquake Insurance

2 Story Building Before Earthquake

Do you own or manage a commercial building? If so, you should take a close look at your current insurance policy. Most insurance policies exclude earthquake damage and leave you responsible for damage that happens to your property in the event of an earthquake.

Without earthquake insurance you’ll be paying out of pocket for the following;

  • Damage to the Building
  • Loss of Rental income – Your mortgage will continue, but your rental income will not be there to help pay it.
  • Demolition Costs

Insurance Incorporated has access to the top rated earthquake insurance companies. This allows us to evaluate your needs and find a competitive rate to protect you when the big earthquake hits. Our earthquake insurance agents provide you with important options that could include coverage for fire sprinkler leakage, building ordinance or law, and business personal property –coverage based on your buildings specific needs.

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How much does earthquake insurance cost?

The cost of commercial earthquake insurance is based off many factors including; your buildings age, construction materials, replacement cost, distance to a fault, foundation (underground parking, stilts, and basements), soil conditions, and many other factors.

Can you afford to rebuild after an earthquake?

Most building owners cannot afford the cost to repair and re-build a building when a large earthquake hits. Earthquake insurance provides the coverage you need to keep financially stable. Call an agent now and find out how you can save on commercial earthquake insurance.

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