Car Wash Insurance – Workers Compensation, Property, & Liability

Man washing an SUVDo you own or manage a car washing company in California? If so you’ll need the proper car wash insurance policies to keep you protected in the event of a claim. We provide car wash and auto detail companies with custom insurance programs that include coverage for your business liability, property, and workers compensation for your employees.

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What Type of Insurance Does a Car Wash Business Need?

General liability can provide coverage for damage your company (including employees, machines, or chemicals) may accidentally cause to someone else or their property. If an employee accidentally washed a car with an open window causing thousands in damage your company could be held legally liable and can be sued.

Workers Compensation insurance is required by law for car washes with one or more employees. Car wash facility employees have a high risk of slip & falls among other injuries. Car wash workers compensation can provide reimbursement to the employee for lost wages and compensation for the cost of injuries (including occupational diseases that could arise from the use of spray chemicals).

Business personal property is another important option your facility needs to coverage damage by theft, vandalism, or even mechanical breakdown to equipment, inventory, machines, and furniture. The cost to add business property coverage is very low and should always be considered when shopping for car wash insurance.

Building property can cover your entire office and car wash facility, including any upgrades and alterations done to the building. This coverage is important because it can protect you in the even you have a major loss from vandals, fire, and even water damage.

If a clients vehicle is in your care, custody, or control you could be held liable for damage. Garage keepers liability coverage can help cover damage or a loss that happens to your clients vehicle while in your care. The amount of coverage you have can be adjusted based on how many cars are within your care at one time.

California is known for lawsuits that surpass the million dollars in coverage most standard policies provide. An umbrella insurance policy can provide your car wash business with the excess liability coverage needed when the cost of a lawsuit exceeds your underlying policy limits.

These are just a few coverage options your car wash or auto detailing business may need. Employment practice liability, mechanical breakdown, garage keepers liability, and many other options may be needed to properly protect your business.

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