Brewery & Distillery Business Insurance

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At Insurance Incorporated we’ve insured Craft Breweries and Distilleries since 1958. We have special programs for new ventures and established brewery companies. Your operations may include the following:

-Craft Breweries
-Hard Cider Plants
-Other operations which involve brewing..

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Brewery Insurance Products Custom to Your Company

Every brewing company is unique and the type of insurance you purchase should be custom to your specific needs. We can provide you with the following options:

-General Liability
-Workers Compensation
-Business Personal Property
-Commercial Auto
-Excess Umbrella
-Equipment Breakdown
-Liquor Liability
-Environmental Impairment/Pollution
-EPLI (Employment Practices Liability)

General liability insurance is one of the most basic coverage options a brewery can have. It’s usually required by the landlord and any companies the brewery has an outstanding contract with. Most liability policies come with options like Medical Payments and Products & Completed Operations coverage. If someone is hurt at your companies property or by your product than your company would be liable for damage and bodily injury. Brewery liability claims can be anywhere from $100,000 to more than $1,000,000 in legal fees and settlement costs.

Most breweries have anywhere from 1 to 200 employee’s. California law requires any brewery with 1 or more employees to have an in-force workers compensation insurance policy. Other states may have similar laws in place. These policies are used to reimburse and provide coverage for medical payments or loss of income if an employee is injured while in the course of employment. Companies without workers compensation insurance are usually fined and still held responsible for the cost of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Most breweries use commercial vehicles for transporting product from their headquarters to retail locations. Any company that uses a vehicle for business use should have a commercial auto insurance policy in force to cover accidents that could arise while conducting business. This applies not only to commercial vehicles but vehicles being used for management, sales dept., and other employees on the job.

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